Risk assessment

The biggest risks in real estate projects abroad: misjudgment of real estate value due to location and quality of construction


Before as well as during the use of a property, it is advantageous to have knowledge and contacts available for possible problems. The key principle is that one-man plannings should be avoided. Coordinated planning with the necessary experts ensures that projects can be carried out fluently. Already during the purchase planning it is necessary to check which measures make sense for future use. Locations and price trends are often misjudged.

In the most attractive areas, beautiful properties are often built and offered at very reasonable cost. Often these are practically unsellable because of the seclusion. Also in Mallorca and in other areas of Spain more and more people are moving to the bigger cities. The distance to the next town and a very weak infrastructure lead to a significant loss of value even the best property.

Be careful when working with external companies


  Remodeling, renovation, redesign and any action that needs to be carried out by external companies must be determined before starting work.

Important aspects can be: accessibility in the house and access to the building. Type of heating, hot water and air conditioning are long term plan. Technology with a future with immediate and future cost savings have preference. For all planned work of any kind, professionals must obtain concrete written estimates. The nomination of a project manager can avoid many problems

Note additional costs and fees


Particular attention should be paid to costs and fees that are not associated with daily use and are therefore often misjudged:

Notary fees, taxes, brokers, bank charges, costs for official entries in land register and cadastre, possibly planning and approvals, construction supervision, insurance, provisions for building damage and delays, double burden by use of the previous real estate because of delay of the move-in appointment, construction-time interest to collection

testing services before the investment of CAPITAL!

Local experts

Our clients benefit from our network of local experts for every aspect of professional property valuation.

Negotiations in the national language

Our project managers conduct all negotiations with the active companies in the national language. If possible, the client will be informed of all processes in his own language or in English.

Project supervision on site

We monitor for you, if necessary with the assigned project manager, the performance of your real estate project in accordance with the agreement,damit alles zu Ihrer Zufriedenheit abläuft.